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    What is CSR

    When Companies and organizations hold themselves responsible for the overall development of society, they conduct various activities like charity, employee volunteering, etc., to create a positive impact on society, which is called CSR practice.

    CSR refers to Corporate Social Responsibility, which allows businesses to contribute to positive societal change. It can be socially, economically, and environmentally friendly. It involves individuals within a business or organization accepting that a certain problem or issue exists in society and then trying to find a solution to help tackle it.

    Why Companies Need to DO CSR

      • Companies and individuals can consider themselves responsible in their conduct to make the world better for everyone.
      • Businesses strategize CSR practices that help them achieve the organization's overall mission and help support those goals.
      • Socially responsible companies attract investors, stakeholders, and customers as it shows organizations are practicing their best to make a society better to live in.
      • Socially responsible companies build a loyal customer base. As it gives consumers a feeling that whatever product or service they're using is from a socially responsible company.



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