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    Director’s Message


    Mr. Abhishek Kumar

    Mother Teresa once said, "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love". Here, at RIESW, we're doing the same by taking small initiatives to bring significant change in the lives of individuals and society. We want each individual to live a quality life with good health, skilful hands, and resilient mindsets.

    From its inception in 1973, Rajendra Institute of Education and Social Welfare focused on providing quality healthcare services, education, and training to the youth and marginalised so they can learn, earn and live a healthy lifestyle and contribute to the country's sustainable development. Our initiatives are also tailored to promote art & culture, an ecologically balanced environment, rural development and technical knowledge among less-educated people.

    As the institute's director, I strongly believe that knowledge can change society, and we all are responsible for making each other knowledgeable. Born in the state of Bihar, which has been the birthplace of eminent figures such as Mahavir, Aryabhata, Ashoka, and where Gautam Buddha attained Nirvana, I am filled with immense pride. I have seen how dedicatedly people from our state work in different sectors for its growth. You can find people from this state everywhere, from small apparel meals to the Government office. We're serving the whole nation.

    Witnessing hard-working and determined youths from our state, contributing to the development of different departments across the country makes me feel overwhelmed. However, it saddens me that due to a lack of adequate skill and proper training, individuals who migrate to other states from Bihar & Jharkhand for work have to face exploitation. With my team, I want to change the perspective towards our youth and people and build a society that's free from various social evils.

    Conducting training programs, cultural activities, health camps, and education camps at various locations aims to tackle social evils, including poverty, unwanted pregnancy, child marriage, discrimination, child labour, dowry, malnutrition, and unemployment. We at RIESW, take various initiatives to empower society and bring positive change. And I'm grateful that the backbone of our institutes, like Sponsors, Volunteers, supporters and well-wishers, helps us unconditionally achieve our mission & vision in different ways.