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    Our Work

    Rural Development And Technology

    Mahatma Gandhi's profound words, "The real India lives in her villages," signifies the importance of development in rural areas for the nation's growth. The holistic development of our country hinges on the progress of these villages. However, Rural communities often face challenges such as a lack of educational resources, limited access to technology, and insufficient knowledge on various crucial subjects, including consumer rights, voter rights, road safety regulations, and modern farming practices. Bridging these gaps is essential for empowering these communities and ensuring their active participation in national development.

    Moreover, addressing emerging issues such as cybercrime and domestic violence is equally crucial. Empowering rural populations with knowledge, resources, and awareness not only uplift their quality of life but also contributes to the overall advancement of the nation. As we work towards a stronger and healthier India, prioritising our villages' upliftment is imperative.

    What we do

    With the objective of empowering the rural population, the institute is involved in a range of activities, including Consumer Protection Awareness Programs, Voter Rights Awareness Programs, Cyber Security and Road Safety Programs. Additionally, we conduct Special Training Programs on topics like Vermicompost, scientific farming techniques, proper usage of quality seeds, and promoting agricultural initiatives through camps and road shows. Moreover, we facilitate the distribution of high-quality seeds to farmers. We also engage in discussions with farmers about scientific cultivation methods for agriculture, government policies related to farming lands, as well as agricultural machinery products.



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