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    Our Work

    Urban Development and Technology

    When it comes to development, focusing on urban development becomes crucial. We can all understand how migration occurs from the villages for better lifestyles, education, healthcare, etc. The population in cities is increasing. In addition, urbanization is spreading its wings. Immense Infrastructural development is taking place. In such a situation, it’s observable that a section of people is living behind. Due to financial conditions and lack of resources, they have to live in semi-structured houses, an unhealthy environment, and insufficient amenities. Uplifting this community living in cities is important for a well-developed country.

    What we do

    We at RIESW conduct skill training programs for underprivileged urban youth to enable them to take salaried jobs or start their own ventures to live a sustainable life. In addition, our training programs try to bridge the gap between demand and supply of trained human resources in the market to ensure a balanced development.



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