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    Workshop & Training

    Workshops and training are crucial for personal and professional development, as they provide a structured environment for enhancing skills, expanding knowledge, networking, building confidence, engaging in practical exercises, solving problems, and fostering team building.

    We at RIESW, collaborate with various institutes, art groups, and social workers to conduct workshops in different cities. Additionally, we establish training centres at various locations with the assistance of different government schemes. These centres aim to provide tailored knowledge in Basic/Fundamental Computing, Software, DTP, Web Designing, Hardware & Networking, and Electronic Appliance Repairing to youths, women, and marginalised individuals.

    Our workshops enable participants to explore their talents, understand how to further develop them, and nurture their skills. These extended sessions are led by field experts through presentations, collaborative activities, and interactions to facilitate organised learning.

    To participate in our workshop and training programs, please feel free to contact us at contact@riesw.org.


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