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    Founder Secretary ’s Message

    Dr. J. N. Sinha

    My journey at RIESW was never easy; I am overwhelmed by the distance we have traversed since its inception. It feels like only yesterday that I laid the foundation stone of this institute, unaware of the remarkable path it would follow. I feel proud that with our collective dedication, RIESW made its name in society and became a symbol of positive change, touching lives by creating a lasting impact.

    I recall the days when I interacted with people struggling for basic necessities like education and healthcare, which deeply affected me at the time. The incident inspired me to do something for them, and the idea of the Rajendra Institute of Education and Social Welfare took birth in my mind. With the purpose of empowering the marginalised, especially women, youths, and children, nurturing their confidence, and equipping them to confront obstacles in their lives, with my small team, I established the Rajendra Institute of Education and Social Welfare in Sitamarhi. Now, the institute with the oppressional office in Patna works tirelessly in various cities of Bihar and Jharkhand to make the world a better place for each individual.

    When, we started RIESW, we initiated awareness campaigns against entrenched social issues like dowry, child marriage, and child labor. Our efforts extended to educating people about their fundamental rights—rights to education, equality, freedom of religion and culture, environment, safe water, air, and legal protection rights. Our camps sparked knowledge and empowered individuals, leading to a progressive society.

    However, we realised that awareness alone wouldn't suffice. To truly uplift the marginalised, we needed to nourish their skills and empower them with practical training. This realisation inspired us to collaborate with various government schemes, offering vocational training in art and technology. Through this, we aimed to make marginalised youth, children, and women eligible for livelihood opportunities, employment, and entrepreneurship.

    As the founder of RIESW, I aspire for every individual to keep growing, learning, and moving toward a world where a healthy environment fosters progress, discrimination takes a side, and strong mindsets prevail. 

    Let us continue working together, with immense spirit and determination, to bring positive change in the lives of individuals and our society at large.